Wheel and Tire Services

What We Do

knowledgeable auto service team is here to ensure your vehicle, no matter the make and model, receives the top maintenance and repair options available – from the parts that touch the road to under the hood. We’ve got a guy for that!.


Don't let a flat or punctured tire keep you off the road. Visit Our Center Line Store and we'll either repair the damage or discuss replacement options with you.


Rotating and balancing your tires will help maintain even treadwear and maximize their longevity. If you purchased your tires at Michgan auto wheel and tire , we provide this essential service for the life of your tires.


Make sure your tires are in safe, working condition by bringing them in for regular tire inspections. We'll check them for shallow or uneven tread wear, sidewall damage, leaks, punctures, and any other potential issues.


We offer TPMS checks to all customers because we're committed to your safety. We'll check your sensor batteries and ensure they're accurately measuring your tire pressure. If your TPMS isn't working properly, we can discuss replacement options with you.

Why Are We The Best?

Michigan Auto Wheel & Tire is committed to the highest-quality in automotive repair and service. Our Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified technicians and mechanics are tangible evidence of this pledge of excellence. The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence provides this certification to demonstrate the technical and mechanical expertise of industry experts. They must retest every five years to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of advancing automotive knowledge.

The Best Solutions


We can help you prepare for winter driving conditions with our winter tire changeover service. We'll change your summer tires over to your winter tires, keeping you safer while driving in cold, snowy, or icy weather conditions..


Our expert technicians can help your vehicle achieve a smoother ride through a process called road force balancing. This procedure can help diagnose and correct imbalances that aren't detected during regular inspection, or rotation and balancing services.


Heat cycling can optimize the traction and treadlife of your new competition-style tires. If improperly exposed to high temperatures, these sensitive tires can experience irregular tread wear and loss of traction..


Discount Tire does not make repairs to alloy wheels, but we do maintain relationships with third-party wheel repair specialists. We can facilitate your alloy wheel repair by shipping your damaged wheels to our trusted partner(s)